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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How did that happen then?


I've been trying to make an ATU for my mate Vince, G0ORC. We have been toying with the idea for some time, but have finally decided to cannibalise an old CAP Co Tuner that had a very broken turns counter. The parts have ended up inside a rack mount box and I have been slowly building these bits into a high power tuner. There are two chunky variable capacitors and a really well made roller coaster inductor:

Now, today I have been making a bracket to mount a wafer switch on, this is to be used to switch the ATU between the rig or a dummy load. Nothing complex going on here you wouldn't think.

I used a recently purchased set of drills, the result was rather astonishing:

This was a bargain set of drills from Maplin, fantastic!

I think the ATU is going to work out OK though, once I've drilled the holes I need, what do you recon?

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  1. Hi - I recognize this scenario, I bought a set of Drill bits from Lidl last year for Wood/Metal/Masonry - only cheap ones and thought they would'nt last but they have been very good value and still using them.
    Good Luck with the project.