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Monday, 7 May 2012

Back to real homebrewing!

You may recall my discovery back here:

So, Ive managed to make some progress. I've modified the software from W3PM from here:

and have managed to get the GPS module working and also the DDS drive routines....

The code is written in C for the Arduino; and it's now interfaced to a four-line LCD, the AD9851 DDS module and the GPS receiver. The GPS module isn't in the picture as it's hanging out the window so it has visibility to the sky.

I've started to box the project, and have also built an RF amp to get me a staggering 100mW out...

Progress has been quite good today, I need to think about how I can get the RF levels the same on each band because as the frequency increases, so the amplitude out of the DDS and hence out of the RF amplifier decreases. I'm really not sure how to tackle that one, so I may have to ask for some help here.

Yesterday myself and Vince G0ORC went over to the "Dambusters Rally":

The rally was really good, albeit a bit small, but there was loads of really good radio junk to rummage about in. I picked up all sorts of stuff including this meter which I am rather proud of:

I've cleaned it up, mounted it on some wood, and stuck it in the corner of the shack with some amps flowing through it...

The next step will be to put some lighting inside...

Looks god though, agree?

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