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Monday, 10 September 2012

Your are, you're completely Loopy!!


Following some interesting reading on Top Band RX antennas, here:

I decided I might like to have a go at making one of those.... the main reason being that my experiments with my sloper from here:

especially when using it on WSPR, I seem to find that I am being heard by far more stations than are hearing me.... so perhaps a different antenna for receive may help...

So here is this ridiculous concoction:

and as you can see, perhaps not quite as rigid as it needs to be....

but anyhow, it was strapped to a wooden support and connected to the wireless.... result.... local MW broadcast stations significantly weaker on this loop then the sloper, but more interestingly the noise was higher on this antenna than the other.... a total disaster!

So I decided to solder another earth cable onto the existing slopers earthy side and plant some more copper in the garden:

We will have to wait and see if this improves the RX performance...

Here is an interesting image of me in concentration mode:

Cat's weren't much help as normal:

Here the Geddy cat is asleep on my laptop keyboard - not very handy!

Good though, egh?


  1. Lazy cats. Perhaps they should come with a better idea for a performing top band antenna. So unfortunate the loop is not working. I think for top band receive in a noisy area there is no simple solution. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas, thanks for the comment; I havent given up yet! I have been reading ARRL antenna book and I now think the loop is too long, so I will make it shorter and try again. Also the capacitance I used for matching is not big enough. More experiments to follow!