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Thursday, 7 February 2013

FT-5000 AFSK


Over the past few weeks I've been trying to get my FT-5000 to function in AFSK based modes; the radio is setup with the audio from my digibox (the one that feeds all the other radios) into the packet connector on the back. I've been seeing some very strange behaviour which I've captured in a short video:

Any thoughts on what's going on here would be very much appreciated!

** UPDATE **

I've discovered (more by luck than any judgement) that this problem goes away when I enable the RX audio filter for Packet mode. I had set menu item 083 and 085 both to OFF; if I change 083 to 100Hz (or any other value) then the problem disappears.

I don't begin to understand this as I though the filter set by menu item 083 and 085 were RX audio only....

Maybe someone can explain?

Weird, egh?


  1. I would say this is a matter of impedance mismatch and/or signal level problem. I have an FTdx-5000MP myself but have not used it (yet) on digital modes... someday I should try it!

    73 JOSE EB5AGV

  2. Hi Jose, please see the update above. I have fixed the problem with menu item 083 but I dont understand why!!!!