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Monday, 8 April 2013

SO2V - SO2 What? Ah, 2 VFOs!


During a two day break from work, I've been fiddling about with Writelog and Logger32 (the programs I use for RTTY) to try and experiment with the 2 receivers I have in the main FT-DX-5000 here.

The idea being that I can have:
  1. Main receiver to an MMTTY decoder providing the main RX window
  2. A clone of the main receiver window running an alternative decoder (2Tone)
  3. The second receiver on the same or a different band into a third decoder running either/or MMTTY and 2Tone.
So far, In logger32 I have achieved everything I set out to do:

I have the two receivers in the radio, both with frequency read from the radio correctly and the ability to receive in both 2Tone and MMTTY on both.

Now, in WriteLog I almost have the same thing:

But not quite! I have two receivers feeding two versions of MMTTY with the main receiver also having a clone using 2Tone. What I can't get to work is reading the receiver frequency of the 2nd receiver within the radio. Eventually, of course, I would like to be able to TX back to a signal received on either receiver i.e. TX on the main or sub receiver frequency; I suspect that may be asking just a bit too much, although I think it's possible if I had two separate radios, so I dont see why not...

I'll keep trying, I wonder if anyone else has this set-up working?

Complex, egh?

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