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Friday, 24 May 2013

Antenna Complete!


Perhaps you remember the antenna I started to put together last weekend and then realised that the bits for the 6M sections were the wrong size? It was back here:

The correct parts arrived today to complete the antenna, so the tower has been down again. I've just flicked through the archive from "Antenna Cam" and here's me up the ladder fiddling with the top bracket prior to dropping the tower down:

If you look closely in the above image you can see me fiddling, but you can also see that the closest element on the HF beam is a bit "out of bonk". Here's the antennas back up again and I've fitted the parts to the 4/6M beam and also straightened out the HF element:

And finally here's an image of the antennas back up with the weather a little clearer and them pointing back to the SE:

The 6M part of the top beam is no longer resonant at 55MHz, but seems to be a good match on the 50MHz amateur band!

It's perhaps just a little too short but it's more than acceptable for my requirements; the resonant point on 4M or 70MHz hasn't moved.

Good, egh?

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