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Sunday, 16 June 2013

QRSSing Again, Again


Been fiddling a little more here, and stuck the Arduino QRSS beacon inside a box - it's currently being powered by an old bench PSU that I made many years ago - this PSU has a really nice toroidal  transformer inside it.

Here's the box on the shelf in the shack:

Anyhow, PA2OHH, has a really neat on-line grabber for QRSS monitoring on 30M here:

tnx Onno!

And here is a screen grab that I've annotated to aid reading:

So, my Arduino QRSS beacon, which has a p-to-p output of about 4.8V (that's about 60mW- calculated by p-to-p squared / 400) is being decoded in PA2 land (actually in square JO33df) which is about 520km.

I'm lower in frequency than I thought, although I didn't check the frequency after I put the gubbins in the box - so a little tweak up a smidgen and all should be well.

Here's another shot from PA2OHH after I have altered the TX frequency, you can now see my call around 14.0140.135 (ish):

And this one is an image Onno sent to me as a report of my sigs:

As a quick experiment, I decided to test the characteristics of the low pass filter on the output of the QRSS beacon, here's what I find using the tracking generator in the new Spectrum Analyser thingamabob:

So the filter is passing up to 10.something MHz with little or no attenuation and the first harmonic is going to be almost 50dB down - all good!

All in all, not bad, egh?

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