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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

So the radios good, what about the new Ham cat?


Been fiddling at home a bit recently, changed a few things around and played mostly with JT9. Yesterday morning I was calling CQ on 20M when VK1DW called me - he's in Holder, Australia - that's just over 10,500 miles away - thanks Dean! I was running 20W into the homebrew Windom I made here:

Its during moments like that when I remember what inspired me into Ham radio in the first place; it never fails to send a tingle down my spine. Simply amazing.

Here's a pic of the shack as-is today:

and here a close up from the weekend of the TS-990 in RTTY mode interfaced to the contest logging program Writelog:

Here's Florrie the new ham cat, she is definitely getting the hang of being my second shack assistant:

And chief ham cat, second in command the Geddy cat has found yet another new place to take it easy (you can see the paws):

Fun, egh?

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