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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Meteor Scatter - You can't be serious?


Meteor Scatter has for a long time been established as one mode of radio communication (this is bouncing signals back down to Earth off Meteors) used by the elite. You used to need a large hill, about 10-12 Gigawatts of power and a huge antenna system for your chosen band.

Not any more.

The amazing modes in the WSJT family have made MS more accessible to Muppets like myself.

So, after modifying a few switches and cables in the Shack, I have my TS590 routed to my Linear Amplifier that I acquired back here:

This now allows me to run full legal UK power on 6M to the 4 + 4 element antenna I got here:

So, I then did some research and found this excellent talk in video format from the recent RSGB convention, this is GW8JLY talking about his MS experiences on 144MHz:

I also have downloaded, printed and studied the WSJT user guide. Here are some screen shots of my MS experience from this morning:

So the bit I have circled in the image above is the signals from DL5WP, you can clearly see a burst of received signals. Here is the other window in WSJT7 showing the decoding of those signals:

There's also a chat room for MS nutters here:

Where you can arrange QSOs and discuss MS stuff.

This morning I've worked DL5WP in Germany and S59A in Slovenia.

Thanks Chaps!

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