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Monday, 17 February 2014

Turn back the clock!


I started a project a while back here:

but then I became a touch distracted by the Minima!

So, when I was fiddling with the DDS VFO at 17-17.2MHz I ordered a BITX V3B kit from Sunil in India:

Now, what arrived in the post has simply astounded me:

So I have a case, a microphone, a complete FLL stabiliser/frequency counter, a PCB set, all the components, wires, interconnects, meter, plus the other bits I can't remember!

This cost me the sum of $125 plus $45 shipping - quite incredible.

There are some good pictures of the finished article here:

So, as I have a FLL stabilised VFO with the kit, I could move that to 2.8-3MHz and use it with a 10MHz IF to get to the 40M radio I am wanting instead of the DDS I was planning....

Much to fiddle with!

Good, egh?

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