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Monday, 23 June 2014

Moving onwards and upwards....


Following on from my last post, I've been making some more bits and bobs to go with the SSB exciter:

I've made the Triple Balanced Mixer:

As is becoming an apparent recurring theme, my isolation between the different ports isn't measuring as good as the author, however I can measure LO-RF and LO-IF isolation of about 40dB and more like 50dB of RF-IF isolation; which isn't at all bad.

The mixer uses 5 bifilar wound inductors, each of 12 turns on a FT37-43 and two well matched sets of diodes.

I have then added the post mixer amplifier and constructed the first of many band pass filters. This one is for 40M or 7.0 - 7.2 MHz.

Information on the filters is here:

which includes a link to a spreadsheet credited to John Charlton G3VRF which is an excellent calculator tool.

When I first built this filter is was too low in frequency (the yellow trace below) so I reduced the inductors by one turn each to get the purple trace. The markers are at 7.0MHz and 7.2MHz:

So the filter, at least, is now looking rather good.

I've had another good look at the exciter from last time but still I can't see why my output level is so much lower than the authors; will have to look again tomorrow!

Good, egh?

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