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Monday, 7 July 2014

We're even on the map now!


I was messing about in the shack this morning, and as I often do I logged into the ON4KST chat rooms you can find here:

Whilst I was there I could here EA2ARD calling CQ on MS JT6M mode, so to cut a long story short, we had possibly the fastest QSO by MS ever! I only had to repeat one over! There wasn't any Es going on as the signals weren't representative of that kind of propagation. Thanks Jon! He must have registered the QSO as I was even on the DX Map for a while:

Now, some of you may remember that I have "antenna cam". Here's a shot I just annotated:

So what we have there is:

  1. The combined 4M and 6M beam we put up here: 4+4
  2. Then there's the MA5B from here: MA5B
  3. Then we have the 80M and 40M wire antenna we tried here: 80M Wires
  4. Then I have the 2M RX antenna we made here: Lindy
  5. Not forgetting the almost invisible top band antenna: Top Band Sloper
  6. And finally there's the Windom we made here: Windom
  7. Plus there is also a "white stick" in the air for 2M and 70cm.
All good, egh?

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