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Monday, 8 December 2014

The PTT Conundrum


You may remember a while back I described a PTT switching circuit to manage the PTT line to the HF linear, 4/6M combined linear, 4M transverter and 2M transverter and linear. Well, I changed it a little more tonight and added a selection switch so I can drive any amplifier/transverter from any radio. This is the original plan:

I've now broken the line from the TS-990 to the PTT select in the diagram above and added another rotary switch. The complexity is in the need to switch the 4M transverter and the 4/6 amplifier in one setting and just the 4/6 amplifier in another.

The unit looks like this now:

Not the most complex project I've ever tackled, here's the front of the case:

and the back:

and here is the finished article in position:

There's been a few other changes here, I've sold some things and bought some things. Tomorrow my new toy should arrive.... I'll keep you posted.

Local conditions.

Good, egh?

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