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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Transverting - Complete!


The 4M Transverter I started back here:

Is now **nearly** complete.I say nearly as I am still waiting for a ZLPLL board from here.

The interior has been completed and all wiring completed, here's a shot mid way though that process:

Now, you may remember that I have a Gemini 4M & 6M amplifier. Well, this was configured for a 25W drive level when I bought it, so I needed to modify it for the lower drive level of this transverter. The amplifier includes an attenuator which needed to be replaced. Here's a view of the Gemini with the covers removed:

In the photo above I have highlighted with a red circle the component that needed to be replaced. You can hopefully see that I have also had to remove the internal covers from the RF board screened enclosure to access the part.

Here's the RF board with the new attenuator installed:

This is working beautifully from the transverter now and giving me full power out from the transverter drive levels.

Good, egh?

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