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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Top Band (Again)


A while ago we had some work done in our garden, this resulted in the removal of a 'purglar'; now, this was all fine except it was supporting my top band antenna I made back here.

I've got round to making a replacement for the antenna today, nothing original - it's an end fed sloping, inductively loaded wire.

There's 54 feet of wire, 20 turns on a bit of tumble dryer vent pipe, then 5 feet to the feed point plus an earth rod (well two actually) on the sreen of the coax. Here's the inductor:

and this is the earth arrangement:

Now, I am planning to add several long counterpoise wires, but I haven't done so yet. I connected the antenna to my analyser thingamabob:

or if you prefer return loss:

I've been listening on the WSPR frequency tonight:

It will be a very inefficient antenna and also it has a very narrow bandwidth (like all inductively loaded antennas), but it's clearly hearing signals.

Here's a map after an overnight run:

I also took down the main 4M and 6M antenna today for maintenance, I've put somthing I had at the back of the shed in it's place temporarily, I've also put the 13cm antenna I had lying on my bench in the air:

Here's our two doing what Spaniels do on a beautiful frosty morning earlier today:

Good, egh?

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