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Friday, 20 October 2017

The Ultimate 3


Quite some time ago, I built myself an Ultimate 3 QRSS/WSPR beacon kit from QRP Labs.

Now this is a fab and groovy kit from the infamous Mr Hans Summers.

The completed kit is currently sat atop of my FT-817 and is configured to send WSPR beacon and a QRSS beacon both on the 30M band.

The output of the unit looks like this:

and is 13.12V peak to peak.

That's a power output of 420.2 mW or 26.3 dBm.

So, I've left this running for 24 hours connected to a simple 30M dipole in the garden, and here's the WSPR map of the resultant reception of my signal:

Never fails to amaze.

And here is my very beautiful Bonnie Dog:

Local conditions.


  1. Hi, got your qrss signal today, you probably know that you are 1500 hz high of the qrss bandpass, I noticed you looking at the wsjt-x waterfall, here is a picture of you signal, ///Mikael - SA6BSS

  2. thanks Mikael - I had my suspicions I was out of frequency but wasn't sure. Thanks very much for the info and the screen grab.