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Friday, 10 November 2017

A bit more top band


Following the antenna I originally made here and then replaced here, I've been fiddling with the earthing arrangement for the system.

I've added some counterpoise wires which I have stapled to the fence and various other bits and bobs in the garden.

I've then made an artificial earth/counterpoise tuner thingamabob, much like this thing back here, and mounted it at the base of the antenna between the earth rods and the radials:

And then adjusted the capacitor for maximum smoke on top band when TXing.

There's quite a lot of current flowing, what improvement it makes I dont know.

Here's a map of FT8 and CW QSOs I've made on top band since the changes to the antenna:

Chopsey Cat (AKA Git Bastard Cat from Hell) is asleep in the conservatory:

whereas Maggie and Florrie Cat are tucked up in one of the dogs beds:

Local conditions.

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