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Monday, 30 July 2018

Trap Dipoles - Really?


I've been fiddling with my wire antennas - never quite being satisfied with what I had.

Prior to this change I had a 30M dipole plus a full size Windom.

I saw some traps advertised by Spectrum Communications and the idea of a combined 30/40M antenna and a separate combined 60/80M antenna appealed.

The traps themselves are really very small and lightweight:

I bought traps for 10.125 MHz and 5.35 MHz.

The 30/40M antenna uses 24ft from the feedpoint to the trap and then 5' 8" as a tail on each end.

The 60/80M antenna uses 44ft from the feedpoint to the trap and then 11'2" to the end.

I've used "flexweave" cable I had here already.

I've also used some balanced feeder for the first time - also from Spectrum - it's very thin and needs a balun at the Shack end but the noise reduction on the low bands is very noticeable.

It always takes time to evaluate new antennas, but so far I'm more than impressed.

Good. don't you think?

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