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Saturday, 25 August 2018

IC-7610 IQ Output


Icom have just released new firmware for the IC-7610 which includes activation of the second USB port on the back of the radio (USB2) as an SDR I/Q output.

You need version 1.2 of the firmware from here.

Once you have updated the firmware (and before using ANY USB cables) install this package from Icom.

Once that package has successfully installed on your PC you can connect the USB2 port and the following devices will install:

Now you can install and run HDSDR from here.

Once running you can select the Icom DLL as the radio and this gives you the following control when you select the ExtIO button in the software:

And, hey presto, it just works:

There is huge potential now for interfacing with other applications like CW skimmer and leaving the radio monitor an entire band using the SUB band whilst using the MAIN band for normal operations.

This is a most excellent move, well done Icom!

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