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Sunday, 11 November 2018

WAE RTTY time!


I've been fiddling in the WAE RTTY test this weekend; only dabbling - nothing serious about my contesting.

Here's my log as a map:

I used the IC-7610 yesterday and the TS-890 today.

I run with Writelog and have the MMTTY and 2Tone decoders on screen, plus I have a monitor connected to the Rig and have my eyes on a third decoder provided by the radio.

Here is the IC7610 as I have it set up in RTTY mode.

And this is the Kenwood:

Sorry, Kenwood, but the spectrum scope is just useless when it is that small - I really don't like this about the TS-890. The Icom only displays the spectrum when in decode mode, but on the TS-890 you have the spectrum scope and the waterfall on screen - both too small to be of any real use.

They are both fantastic RTTY radios though, the filtering capabilities of both rigs is second to none.

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