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Monday, 24 December 2018

Curve Tracing - using an Octopus?


Some time ago, I built an experimental curve tracer attachment for an Oscilloscope using an "Octopus" design. You can find many such examples on Google.

I was very much inspired by this excellent video by Alan, W2AEW:

You are basically creating a voltage vs. current graph on the 'scope in X-Y mode.

Now, I have recently discovered the most excellent You Tube channel of Mr Carlson; lots of very informative videos there. However, he also has a Patreon channel and it is here I have found a much better design of a Curve Tracer.

I will 100% respect the fact that the design is only available to his subscribers, but for $2 per month (thats a cup of coffee) you can join the subscription and get access to this design plus a hole lot more. There is also a very excellent capacitor tester that I am building at this time.

My build looks like this:

You will note that I still can't cut out rectangles in metal and get them flat and also that I have tried to paint the front panel and made a bit of a mess there too!

But this is a great project, and I recommend you check out the Patreon site above.

1 comment:

  1. nice piece of kit .I made a curve tracer a few weeks back been a handy bit of kit .love watching mr carlsons vids that guys awesome .
    rob 2e0myn