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Saturday, 18 April 2020

A CW & WSPR Beacon


I've been fiddling some more with STM32 and have created a DDS based CW & WSPR beacon for 6M.

You can find the details of the project here:

The WSPR code is stolen from Anthony F4GOH, his code and other bits and bobs are on GitHub here:

To counter any drift in the DDS, I've modified my AD9850 board to use an external signal for the clock and configured my Leo Bodnar GPS referenced oscilator to give me 10MHz from output 1 and 125MHz from output 2, thus:

The 125MHz is now used to drive the DDS. I'd be delighted to receive reports from the beacon, the CW signal is on 50.030 and every multiple of 10 mins it sends a 2 min WSPR transmission on 50.293 + 30Hz.

Here's the WSPR beacon RX from G0ORC:

No drift - not even a wobble! Excellent.

Fun, dont you think?

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