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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

4m (70MHz) and Counting....

Following on from the mods I undertook on my FT-847 here:

I've bought and put up a 4M beam. I've not got it so it can be rotated, nor is it very high off the ground, but it's pointing to the SE and ready for those Es!

So, the house looks like this from the side:

So here you can see a 6M, 2M and now a 4M beam, a vertical for 2M, 70cm and 6M plus the centre of the Windom. The main HF antenna is on the back of the house.

My next project will be a 4M pre-amp for the FT-847 which I have already bought as a kit:

This kit is from Keith, G4FUF, he seems to be the font of all knowledge on the FT-847 and converting it for 4M. I'll post more about this when I make the kit and install it in the radio.

I've also started to think about WSPR on 4M and have just built a 60MHz local oscillator which I could use to mix with a 10MHz signal to get onto 70MHz. All just thoughts at the moment:

Cats not been helping much, as usual:

All good fun though, egh?

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