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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Toy! AKA Old scope vs. New scope

Well, my birthday a little while ago and I decided to treat myself to a new toy. I've been thinking about a digital scope for a while as whilst my Fluke is excellent, I would like the ability to store and remember waveforms; taking pictures of the screen is tricky!

Anyhow, I was concerned about the quality of the waveforms I was seeing on this new scope, so I posted a cry for help on the GQRP forum, as usual I had some very helpful advise. Here is the video I compiled to demonstrate the problem:

Now, I showed the video to the guy I bought the scope from, he seemed to very much share my concerns. He offered to bring some other 'scopes to the house so we could try some side by side to try and find what the problem was. Really  very kind and helpful offer. We did this and agreed on a course of action and I was a happy bunny waiting for another scope to arrive in a week or two.

Anyhow, I failed completely to believe that a digital scope could really be this poor at displaying a sinewave! So first I tried reading the manual, that didn't help much, so I then reverted back to the old tried and tested method of pressing buttons and seeing what happened. Here are my findings:

Good, egh?

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