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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Can we do it with Less - Part II


Following my musings last time about how far not much RF can travel, I took another look at the site of W3PM here:

This is where I found the inspiration for my WSPR beacon back here:

So I took a look at the latest software for the project - noting that my callsign appears in the credits! - then just reprogrammed my project with the latest code after changing the appropriate bits like callsign and locator et cetera.

I then calibrated the output for an accurate 100mW - I also calculated the loss in the coax between the output and the antenna - I make that about 1dB.

So, I have 100mW or 20bBm out of the box, 1dB loss in the coax = 19dBm or about 80mW into the antenna.

Remembering that propagation conditions are quite poor at the moment, here are the results of an overnight run:

Simply stunning, egh?

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