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Friday, 5 July 2013

This week I'm 9H3JM - that means I am in Malta!


Finally I have some time off work and have taken a trip to the island of Malta for a holiday with my Wife.

I brought my FT-817, a PSU, buddipole and a laptop with me (and yes, I got stopped at customs AGAIN):

Getting a license for Malta was really easy. I already hold a HAREC - that's a Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate which means that I qualify for a license in CEPT countries without sitting the local qualification. I simply filled out a form, sent it off with copies of appropriate bits of paper and the license fell through the front door a couple of weeks later.

It's rather nice here, and have had an hour or so today playing radio:

I don't expect to work the world with my 5 watts of RF out of the FT-817, but it sure is fun. I am on EU-023 (I think) after all! Only running JT-65 ad PSK-31 but getting out well considering the limited nature of the station.

Fun, egh?

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