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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A White Stick?


Been fiddling with a new antenna today; I bought it from "My Favorite Ham Store" LAM Communications. I only ordered it yesterday afternoon, and it duly arrived this morning by FedEx:

LAM Communications

This antenna is a "White Stick" made by Diamond Antennas and is designed to work on 6M (50Mhz), 2M (144MHz) and 70cm (433MHz).

As I have no antenna analyser that will work on 2M or 70cm I have attached the antenna (now it's up in the air) to the Return Loss Bridge we made back here:

and also to a commercial Rigol RLB I have. Both gave almost identical results when using the Spectrum Analyser in SWR mode.

Here's what we see on 50MHz:

You can see a clear resonant point at 51.47MHz with a return loss of 23dB and an SWR of 1:1.15 (ish) - most excellent.

Here's what we see on 144MHz:

An almost identical clear resonant point, this time at 145.04MHz with a return loss of 34.9dB and an SWR of 1:1.03 - again most excellent.

Here's what we see at 433MHz:

Now this shows that the antenna is resonant way wider than the whole of the 70cm band - the measurements at 433.5MHz are 12.8dB return loss which is an SWR of 1:1.5 - again that's perfectly acceptable.

The antenna included a wire radial for 50MHz which I simply attached to the mast and a SWR adjustment which I just stuck in the middle.

Cats didn't help much, too busy waiting for tea:

Good egh?

Local conditions.

1 comment:

  1. The "White Stick" antenna name is actually been stolen from Childs Antenna Company. Diamond can't even be original.