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Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Continuation of the Transverting Conundrum


I've been fiddling some more with my experimental 4M Transverter project.

I've built the RX converter:

This is fairly simple in that it takes the 70MHz signals from the antenna, amplifies them and then mixes them with the 60MHz local oscillator we developed last time:

and results in a 10MHz signal at the output. I've done some initial tests on this down converter and it seems to work as expected.

The transmit side is still work in progress:

On the right you can see part of a traditional doubly balanced mixer - I've used BAT85 diodes this time for a change.

The mixer mixes the 10MHz drive signal with the 60MHz local oscillator to make the 70MHz (plus all the harmonics and also the difference). This is fed through a band pass filter, which sweeps like this:

and then amplified and passed through another filter. The second filter is also a band pass at the moment, but I expect I will swap it for an identical low pass filter I made for the RX side - the second band pass filter is no way near as good as the first for some reason.

I then need to make a linear amplifier to increase the output to about 10W to drive my linear.

Good, egh?

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