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Sunday, 25 October 2015

A repeater, Really?


Whilst musing at the recent HamFest myself and my chum Vince, G0ORC decided it might be a good idea to learn something of the new System Fusion technology.

Having studied a repeater coverage map and concluding there was nothing near us, we decided that the best thing we could do was to put a repeater on the air.

This started the application process for GB3BP a 70cm System Fusion repeater.

We spoke to our friends at LAM Communications and they agreed to sponsor the repeater and provide the Yaesu DR-1XE we need.

So far we have frequency clearance for Input 438.4875 MHz and Output 430.8875 Mhz, and we are waiting for the NoV from Ofcom. We also need to purchase a Duplexer and it's looking like this is the one for the job:

More to follow, but we should be up and running soon.

This page includes the calculated coverage map which looks very pessimistic to me:

and here is a page I have setup for the repeater itself:

Fun egh? Local conditions.

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