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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Repeater Filter


You may remember last time I mentioned we were setting up a repeater.

I've come home from some work related travels to find the duplexer for the repeater at the house. It looks like this:

I've hooked it up to the spectrum analyser to see what the frequency response looks like, here's the result:

It's impressive, isn't it?


  1. Please read the various replies to your posting in Thanks. JeffL AE6KS.

  2. I'd love to understand how my blog entries even make it to !!!!

  3. Probably automatically posted via Blogger. Seems to be posting everything you add to your blog:!searchin/
    It's considered a good idea not to post things to a newsgroup, forum, mailing list, etc that you don't also read.

    The specific comments about your filter, which has problems, are at: