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Monday, 16 November 2015

Shack Move!


Do you ever take on a job and then regret it way before it's done? Here's my shack (old):

So it's basically destroyed!

Here's the new taking shape:

Cats already playing "shelf swat":

Local conditions. 


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  2. Nice work! I am thinking about a shack renovation also. I'm curious about the construction materials. It looks like a plywood benchtop and laminate applied over the surface? Did cut strips for edge banding the shelf and table edge to hide the plywood?

    1. Not sure what happened here - the bench is 18mm ply but covered with vinyl floor tiles. I will finish with a timber strip once complete. Mark

  3. The bench is plywood covered in vinyl floor tiles - they are cheap and hard wearing. I will cover the front sides with a pine finishing strip.