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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Finally - All coming together


There have been many musings recently all building to a 13cm (2.3GHz) system:

  1. The Transverter
  2. The VLNA
  3. The masthead enclosure and switching
  4. The antennamabob
  5. The sequencer
So now I'm trying to glue it all together!

The case is a bit tall, but it's all I had. I created a very simple PSU based on a 723 voltage regulator and a 2SC5200 as a pass transistor - I have tried to over-rate the power supply (please excuse the terrible layout below):

That plus the transverter and sequencer we played with previously.

The Gubbins basically remains the same as designed:

So, there is a VLNA at the masthead next to the antenna and two co-ax feeds back to the shack - one for TX and one for RX. The TX is 15mm Web-600 and the RX line Westflex 103.

This is all driven from 423 Mhz multi-mode transceiver - I plan to use the IC9100.

Now for the linear amplifier, I picked up one of these for basically scrap metal value:

There is information on modifying the unit for our purposes here.

As ever, the first thing required is to take it to bits, once you get the bottom off this is revealed:

then that board comes out and slung to one side:

then we remove another million screws and get the screen out of the way:

and then the top of those two boards gets slung:

Now we need to lift a cap off the board and connect in where our RF feed will be:

Now for the bias for those lovely MOSFETS....  here's the board with my bodged bias circuit:

I reached out through the UK Microwavers Yahoo! group and have received some very useful information including this:

I've added an Arduino Nano into my enclosure and may have a bash at reading some of those control signals:

And throughout, Florrie the Ham cat has been assisting:

Next, a bit of testing.....

Local conditions.

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