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Friday, 31 December 2010

BITXing Some More

I've just about finished the other bits and bobs for the BITX I was aligning yesterday. I've made a digital dial for the frequency readout and an s-meter; the readout is a kit I have had here for ages, it came from QRP Kits:

The build using surface mount components is really tricky, but it works OK second try!

1st time through I'd got some pins on the main microprocessor chip shorted out which was screwing up the multiplexing of the counter display. You really need to use a magnifying glass to see this stuff properly. Soldering it is another game again! I can't get the camera to take a picture any closer, so you'll just have to believe me when I say the components are small!

I've got all the bits of the BITX V3 wired together on the bench here (the mouse is not an essential part of the BITX):

Now, in a nutshell, what you should be able to see below is exactly what I love about ham radio, you can see the mess above which is all my own work, I turned it on, made a slight circuit modification (connected the speaker) and this is what I soon came across. There's only a piece of wire rammed in the antenna connector right now:

Not bad, egh????

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