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Friday, 17 December 2010

HF Linear

Well, yet another project has started today; I've been collecting bits for the WA2EBY amplifier. This design claims 40W from a 1W drive accross all HF Bands. I got the PCB's from Far Circuits in the USA, the toroids came as a pack from Kits and Parts in the USA also I've bought from both of these suppliers before and their dispatch to the UK is very reasonable and fast.

I've had to order a load of Silva Mica caps from Rapid electronics in the UK for the Low Pass Filters, as I didnt have anything suitable in stock; they are supposed to arrive today, but aren't here yet.

The main amplifier board is going to look a little scruffy, but here are a few picks from the build so far:

The last image shows the board under test, I havent inserted the finals yet and I've just stuck a 1nF capacitor between where the Gate and the Drain will go on each FET. This should allow me to check the phasing of the transformers and the other bits before I smoke any expensive parts! I've just watched the realay explode as I thought it was a 24V coil, but it seems it was a 5V coil and it didn't take too kindly to having 28V accross it!!!

I'll post more when I've got a replacement relay, I don't have one right now.

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