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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Even More Change

Well as part of my ongoing attempt to cram as much equipment and other rubbish into my shack, I have had yet another change around. I've thrown away an old set of drawers which included a filling draw, and purchased a proper filling cabinet. This has freed up a big space in the shack which I have now extended my operating desk into. I've also extended some shelves and the results are really quite good.

The desk top itself is simply 18mm thick MDF which I have cut to fit exactly into the available space, I've then finished it off with some "B&Q value" vinyl floor tiles for the grand sum of £8 GBP.

I'm really quite pleased with the results:

I now need to find something suitable to edge the desk with, but the new surface this should cope OK with me spilling tea on it and burning it with my soldering iron!

Not bad, egh?

1 comment:

  1. Nice radioshack and nice equipment. I like the operating position although personally I would make the sharp edges round. It's incredible how much equipment can be on one small place. 73, Bas