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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Well, This Looks Just Great!!!!

Not much been happening here recently; the job is getting badly in the way.

Been WSPRing on 6m over the past few days; the results are rather dull but there are some interesting peaks in propagation across the UK.

I've been rummaging on the Internet and happened to stumble across this:

This is a really neat project combining the Arduino technology (similar and a Cousin of Pinguino - well Pinguino is an off spring of Arduino) and the AD9851 DDS that I have been playing with recently.

I've just gotta build one!

So I've found the Arduino board in my local Maplin and the DDS boards I already have should work in this application so it's soon to be play time!

Here's the obligatory cat photo:

Watch this space!

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