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Saturday, 19 October 2013

It's JARTS Time!


Been fiddling today in the JARTS RTTY contest, conditions seem very good and there is still another 24+ hours to go, I thought I would have a look at my log.

I use this log analysis program here:

So here is today's log as a map:

I was very pleased to work 6Y3M in Jamaica on 40M this morning, that's an all time new one for me. That's another good example of the performance of the Windom I made back here:

I'm going to get some shut eye now and then play some more tomorrow.

Good start though, egh?

** UPDATE **

Here's the map at close of play on day 2:

Most notable addition on day 2 was XV5HS in Vietnam for another all time new one.

Good, egh?

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