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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

So, How's the sig gen?


You may recall the bench Signal Generator that I started here:

I also stated that I would try and find a case for the project at the HamFest; well I came home with something but it's just not quite right.... anyhow, I've found an old plastic case with a missing front (soon to be rear) panel. Here's what I've done with it:

So I've made a lash up power supply and stuck it in a box. Not made such a bad job of the rectangular cut-out needed for the display:

I need to try and find some kind of plastic see-through something or other to go in front of the readout, I also really should screen the RF parts of the circuit. I figured I could do that with more of the copper boards I have used to construct the electronics on.

The output is nice and clean:

And whilst not perfect by any means, the harmonic content is very minimal:

Geddy Cat is very pleased that I am home, he isn't allowed in the shack when I am away and his favourite sleeping spot is currently on top of the printer. He doesn't help much:

He is, however, the best cat in the world.

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