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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Really, Build Three?


Been fiddling some more with the PSU I made for the FT1000MP I acquired back here:

I've been using some halogen bulbs as test loads for the 13.8V PSU (they are 38W so at 13.8V that's a current pull of 38/13.8 or 2 3/4 Amps. As the FT1000 requires about 2 3/4 Amps for the 13.8V line that seemed just perfect to me!

I wasn't happy with the voltage drop I was seeing in the 723 based regulator under load, I also was far from impressed with the fact that I managed to destroy 2 of these 723 regulator IC's during my testing, I suspect some very suspect ebay sold components!

I've remade the regulator board using a L200C regulator I found in my component stock, it's quite a nifty device with similar current protection as the 723. Here's the new board:

Stuck in the same box I put the first one:

I had a very quick play in the RTTY Makrothen contest today, I only worked about 35 stations - mainly as a set up and config test for the JARTS test next weekend which I will be participating in. Here's the obligatory log as a map:

Young Florrie Cat hasn't been helping much:

Fun though, egh?

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