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Sunday, 26 February 2012

DDS Running Well

Following on from my previous post I've been playing with the software for the DDS experiments I've been doing. The software is written in C and compiled in the Pinguino IDE and runs on the 4550 Pinguino board I made previously:

Ed, EI9GQ, has been inspirational with this and other experiments of mine; his DDS VFO information can be found here:

I've posted a video on You Tube of the results of this recent experimentation here:

If anyone is interested, the source code for this DDS is here:

UPDATE 16/6/2012: I've re-written the code in Arduino (

Fun, egh?

1 comment:

  1. Great Job! I would like one but right now I am only setup for the Atmel and Microchip CPU's. Will be looking at your code to see if it can be ported to work for me. Would also make a nice antenna analyzer with some more mods.
    DAAA read the code will have to get a chip and check it out :+