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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It's Made It!

Finally, the AD9851 board I have been waiting for has arrived from Hong Kong. It would have been quicker to go and fetch it, but it is here safe and sound.

As an aside, I was reading my March 2012 copy of QST (that's the ARRL monthly comic)

and saw a great idea of using a web cam as a microscope. The basic idea seemed to be that you could use some PC based software and web cam combination to zoom in on small components (like SMT) to aid soldering and general visibility. Seemed a great idea to me so I bought a cheap webcam from eBay.

I've attached the cam to my main desk lamp and downloaded this software:

But the best I can manage is this picture of my new board:

I can see it better with just my eyes! So a little more investigation is needed at this end I think.

So, I'm off work next week so I will be trying to progress the DDS sweep generator I keep talking about....

Fun, egh?

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