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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Progress is Fast and Furious!

After a bit of a false start with my latest DDS experiments, finally I have made a huge leap forward and made a pile of progress.

I was struggling to get the programming of this AD9851 to work successfully, but after resorting to reading the datasheet all became clear!

The AD9851 modeule is attached to my Pinguino board from my previous post:

It's connected and setup in serial programming mode so there are actually only 3 connections plus ground between the DDS and the Pinguino PIC. 

The part I was struggling with was the on-board clocking of the AD9851. The older 9850 just runs and the clock speed you attach to it; however the 9851 has a 6X clock multiplier on-board. This small board has a 30MHz clock, so multiplied by 6 should be a clock speed of 180MHz; I wasn't seeing that. However, now I've cracked it and have it configured so that the clock is running at 180MHz.

So I've got the 4 line display running, I've got some test code that sets the DDS output at 5MHz and that's working fine. I know I can get the data entry keypad and the rotary encoder to work OK, so it's just the software now. I say just, hmmm, it may take me quite a while. But at least now I can write a bit of code and test it on this setup with confidence.

At last! It's so frustrating when you are playing with software and hardware - which do you blame. Nothing happening is rather hard to debug. At lest I now have a good solid starting point.

The only other thing I need to look into is the power supply to the AD9851. I've got it powered on the same +5V line as the PIC board, but it's running rather hot. But at least it's functional!

Pinguino rocks!

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