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Sunday, 1 December 2013

80M into 43 feet - That doesn't go!


I've been looking around for some time for some means of getting a signal onto 80M. I thought about creating something like the inductive antenna I made for top band back here:

But I found this link the other day, and this looked like it was worth a go:

The antenna looks like this:

So we have both sides of the open wire feeder connected to the centre of the coax feed and the antenna itself fed against ground.

I've taken down the 10MHz dipole I had up in the air and made one of these and put it in it's place. The open wire feeder comes down rather close to the house but it's all fitted OK:

On the earth or counterpoise side I have attached 60' of copper wire which ambles it's way along the ground down the garden and then across the bottom of the plot. I've also dug out a set of cut counterpoise wires I made to take to Malta with me and attached them and strung them out in the flower beds also.

I've just been listening to a DK5 caling CQ and he is an S3 on the windom I have from here:

and S9 on this new antenna.

Only time will tell, but initial signs are promising.

This cant be a comfortable place to sleep, can it?

Fun though, egh?

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