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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Lindy is up in the Air!


Remember the antenna I was describing back here:

I've finished it and stuck it up in the air:

The antenna analyser thingamabob suggests that the actual resonant point of the antenna is about 149MHz, but the SWR at 145.9 MHz is still only 1.4:1.

If I stick the antenna on the RLB I started to make here:

Then this is what we see:

I explained the trace we see above using the Return Loss Bridge with the Spectrum Analyser back here:

So there is a definite resonate point at 150.7Mhz, but there is also a very good match at 144.5MHz, at my target frequency of 145.9 the SWR is 1.38:1 which is perfectly acceptable.

Whilst I have been up and down ladders today, the cat has been completely useless as per normal:

Fun, egh?

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