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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Attenuator - Take II


I popped down into the Big City this morning and called at R F Potts. A wonderful electronics outlet that seem to stock anything an everything. I came away with a pile of 2W carbon resistors of suitable values that I can parallel up and make my attenuator (again).

Here's the take II model:

And the attenuation I am seeing at 70MHz:

Which looks very much like 7.71dB - much closer to my target of 7dB than I managed last time!

Also the return loss of the attenuator shows a good input and output impedance at 50R:

So, all in all, this is looking much better!

I need to progress the metal work for the amplifier now, then I can start to fit relays and other such gubbins and get the software progressing in my usual, write a bit, test a bit way.

Good, egh?

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