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Monday, 30 December 2013

QUCS Simulation - You What?


Been fiddling today with a new piece of software I have found called QUCS - the Quite Universal Circuit Simulator. It's a really neat open source project you can find here:

There is lots and lots to this package, but my interest is in simulation of filter designs. Here, for example, is the design of a 9th Order Low Pass Chebyshev filter for a 4.2MHz target cut-off:

The package will design the filter for you based on your selected parameters but then you can tinker with the values to replace the theoretical calculated values of the components with real ones and then simulate the filter behaviour before and after. Here's the simulation of the filter above:

Now, I need to build the filter and see how close the simulation is to real world, but this looks like a very interesting package that I think will come in very handy indeed!

Good, egh?

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