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Sunday, 26 January 2014

And at that point - it ground to a halt!


Here's how my Minima is looking on the bench right now:

I've left just enough room between the front mounted processor and associated parts and the boards on the base to fit a vertical RF screen if I find I need it:

And here is the back of the case with a reset switch, DC inlet, antenna socket and connector for the USB serial adaptor to connect.

Unfortunately I have to return to working for a living tomorrow and that means Stockholm this week, so progress will now have to halt for a while.

I hope to have enough room on the base of the case to the rear for the PA and also the right hand wall will be used for the output filters. I have made the RS232 interface and that's on the back wall of the case.

I will finish this when I return....

Watch this space.


  1. Wow, you did some progress Mark. Congrats!


  2. Sometimes an excellent design and project inspires you to make progress. I have done little else for a few days! But now I must return to work....

  3. great job Mark ,congrats .i am working on project Jabom of n6qw but when i finish it ,i am starting with minima .....very nice Mark,73 de 9a3xz Mikele