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Friday, 24 January 2014

Minima - Full Circuit TX


I finally got all the bits n bobs together and was able to try the full circuit TX. There's something odd going on with my PTT as the software is going into TX mode without me grounding the Arduino digital pin 3, but the relay isn't changing over until I do so. Anyhow, here the bench (read complete mess) right now:

I've tried to annotate the image above and label the various bits and pieces to help understand the mess.

Here's the output of the LPF on the SA:

This is at the switch on frequency of 14.200MHz. I'm just injecting an audio signal into the mic socket (well, there isn't a socket - just a capacitor lead!) but it looks quite clean and sounds fine on my bench RX.

It's time to fiddle as my LPFs aren't switching when the frequency increases and there are some other odd things going on, but that will be down to my Muppetry I am sure.

Good start though, egh?

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