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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Boxing to the Minima


Now that I have the beginnings of a working project, I need to start to think about how I am going to box the resultant transceiver. So today, to add to the mess on  my bench, I have created a box out of sheet aluminium and the front panel is loaded with the LCD, volume (with on/off switch), mic and headphone socket, the tuning control plus the function push button:

So the back of the front panel (if you get my drift) looks like this:

I have decided not to include the reset switch on the front panel as I will possibly mount that on the back, although I think power off and then on will have much the same effect!

I am thinking that the main board with the majority of the gubbins will fit on the bottom of the box, the LPFs and crystal filter plus KISS mixer on the rear panel vertically and I hope that will leave enough space for a PA plus some band pass filters.

The next job will be to mount the microprocessor and the 570 to the rear of the front panel - perhaps I will make something out of stripboard for the processor and mount it on the holes in the LCD.

We shall see.

Our two latest additions Elmo and Darley have been playing "who can run round the garden the fastest" today and are now just about fit to drop:

All good, egh?

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