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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weighing scales? No, Meter Scales!


No after all the effort and learning that went into the 4M and 6M linear, I finally decided that I either needed to invest some money in all the correct bits to make one properly, or I needed to buy something. I ended up purchasing this:

The unit is currently propped up by an old computer and stuck on the floor - the amplifier seems to be a most excellent piece of equipment; I have had mine configured for 25W of drive and I am getting the expected levels of RF out on both 50MHz and 70MHz i.e. just over 300W.

I wanted to have a good power meter on the back end of the amplifier, but didn't want to make another one like my proper homebrew meter from here:

so I ended up creating a new scale for one of my mechanical meters I have. I haven't changed any of the internal workings jut made a scale with the numbers on that I wanted; n the high power range before you had to double the reading on the scale and the original scale was also very cluttered with a number of different number sets, here's the new one:

Its printed well and looks great in the meter. I am very pleased with the result - this has been created using software by Tonne Software:

So all in all it's looking just great.

Good, egh?

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